126 W 18th St., New York, NY, 10011
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The winner for round one is:
who nailed it with a guess of 44 tomatoes in the scene!
The Rules Of The Game
How do I play?

It’s simple! Guess how many tomatoes are in the scene and tweet your best guess at @RougeTomateNYC with the tag #RTChelseaOpening. But - only one guess per person (don’t think we won’t check)!

The first person to tweet the correct answer wins. If no one tweets the correct answer, the closest guess will take the prize.

How do I know if I've won?

We’re monitoring tweets with the hashtag #RTChelseaOpening, so make sure your guess is tagged and we’ll see it!

If you win, we’ll Direct Message you on Twitter - so make sure you’re following @RougeTomateNYC

What do I win?

The prize this time is dinner & wine for two!

Yes - this time. There will be multiple competitions in the coming weeks leading up to the opening, so make sure you revisit this website if you want more chances.

If I win, when and how do I receive my prize?

Come to Rouge Tomate Chelsea once we open this winter. Prove to us that you’re the user from twitter (show us on your phone) and we’ll get you your winning drinks!

I don’t have a Twitter. How do I play?

You can make a Twitter account for free at www.twitter.com!

More Questions?

Email or Tweet at us if you have any other questions about the competition.

E: chelsea@rougetomate.com
T: @RougeTomateNYC